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Natasha Baker

The defining moment of Natasha's career came in 2009 when she discovered Cabral at Christian Landolt's yard. Together Natasha and Cabral (“JP”) developed a unique bond leading to them winning 11 gold medals.

Tragically, Natasha lost Cabral in 2017 to an infection and the hunt for a new partner began.
She came across Mount St John Diva Dannebrog - or Diva for short! - and the relationship was instant. After just eight months together Natasha and Diva won double silver at the World Equestrian Games.

With Tokyo 2020 being Natasha’s next target and her aim for Paralympic victory, beating her own records and winning as many gold medals as possible, Keystone Dawn Chorus (“Lottie”) was purchased in March 2019 by Child’s Farm, Christian Landolt and the Baker family.

Natasha works tirelessly to change the perception of disability, to inspire the next generation of Paralympic athletes and to show the world that despite any challenges, incredible things can be achieved!