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Choose a low-calorie, fully fortified balancer to support health and well-being when your horse or pony is on a weight management program.

Good-doers that are on strict weight management programmes still require a balanced diet. However, a horse will only lose weight if he is expending more energy through exercise, temperature control and metabolism than he is consuming.

Initially, he may feel rather sluggish and reluctant to go forward, but as the weight begins to drop off he should become more active. Make sure that you increase the workload gradually and start to incorporate lots of hill work. Remember that low-intensity work e.g. walk and trot, will burn fat. Fast work will only deplete muscle glycogen stores and put unnecessary strain on cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems.

Low calorie feeds such as Shape-Up™ & Essential Balancer are specifically formulated to provide concentrated nutrients at low intakes:

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A low starch, high fibre mix designed to provide a balanced diet even at low intake levels. It can be used as a calorie-controlled ration for ‘good-doers’ in work as a way to help maintain a normal, healthy metabolism and provide slow-release energy.


  • Good-doers & native breeds
  • Any horse or pony that requires a low calorie feed balancer
  • Horses and ponies that may have an increased risk of
    metabolic issues
  • Horses and ponies requiring a specialist feed to help maintain a
    healthy metabolism
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Essential Balancer

Low intake, low sugar, low starch, non heating feed balancer. Cost effective pelleted ration containing a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and live yeast for digestive health, plus omega-3 fatty acids for coat condition, joint health and mobility. Also includes a healthy hoof package with calcium, chelated zinc and copper, essential amino acids lysine and methionine and the recommended amount of Biotin.


  • Low in starch & sugar
  • Barley free
  • Quality proteins to support cell renewal, tissue & muscle repair
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for coat condition, joint health and mobility
  • Healthy hoof package – recommended daily dose of biotin
  • Full inclusion of yeast to support optimum forage digestion and hindgut health
Feedscoop essential balancer
Remember when looking at the starch & sugar of a product to look at the feeding rate and not just the %.

Some balancers appear to have a higher starch level compared to a mix or cube but due to the low feeding rate it actually provide less starch in grams. For example a feed with 10% starch but a feeding rate of 500gm per day will supply the same quantity of starch in grams as a feed with 2.5% starch but a feeding rate of 2kg per day (both will provide 50gm of starch per day).

Shape-Up™ Feeding Rate 200g per 100kg BW
Provides 29g of starch and sugar per 200g

Essential Balancer Feeding Rate 100g per 100kg BW
Provides 15g of starch and sugar per 100g


For a detailed, personalised feeding plan for your ex-racehorse, please complete our simple and free Feed Advice form. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to one of our qualified nutritionists for some immediate advice, please call our feed advice line on 01622 718 487.