I knew I needed to get more condition on Solo before the Winter set in so I spoke to Nikki McGee at Saracen. 

Solo Conditioning Cubes feeding Trial Before

Nikki suggested I use their new high-fibre, high-oil Conditioning Cubes. Nikki explained that the cubes were low in starch, cereal-free and contained Equi Jewel for more calories.  I was a little apprehensive at first as I felt more calories might make Solo unmanageable but Nikki assured me that the energy in the feed is released slowly & therefore wouldn’t have a “heating” effect. 

We haven’t looked back..

I started the 8 week trial on 24 October and as instructed, fed 3kg daily (in 2 feeds) which is approx. two round bowl scoops.  Solo's coat has improved, his topline and muscle tone are so much better and I can no longer see his ribs!   He still has a way to go and I have continued feeding Saracen Conditioning Cubes in conjunction with regular schooling & fitness work. We are also jumping a meter 10 with a big smile on my face - Solo has not put a foot wrong:)

Solo Conditioning Cubes After

Thanks Nikki