She is a good doer but works hard competing at BD Novice level and has recently started her BSJA career.

Her career achievements to date include:

  • Qualifying for the Area Dressage Festival at Patchetts, where she finished 16th out of 49 
  • Winning her first ever affiliated British Novice showjumping competition 3 weeks later

Temperament wise she is sensible, and she never lacks energy for the work that she is doing, so I am careful about feeding her traditional compound feeds that could promote weight gain, as she obviously gets the energy she needs from her forage.

She is fed on Stamm 30 since weaning, and continues on Stamm 30 alone today, only mixed with some alfalfa and salt. 

The Stamm helps to manage and maintain her body condition, whilst ensuring that she receives all of the nutrients she requires to be able to perform to the level that she is asked. 

She has always looked a picture of health with a shiny coat, fantastic hoof growth and quality, good recovery rates post hard exercise with no signs of muscle soreness or stiffness.

Lizzie and bess